With iOS 16, Apple’s banishing CAPTCHAs to the underworld


Know when you click on a link? And it takes you to a weird page? One that asks you to select all the motorcycles in a picture? Or to try and decipher some bizarre wiggly text that could well be an incantation to raise some sort of vengeful spirit?

Well, in iOS 16, that may no longer be a problem. Why? Because Apple is rolling out a feature called Automatic Verification that bypasses CAPTCHAs on certain websites and apps.

The company has worked with Fastly and Cloudflare — two of the biggest content delivery networks (CDNs) — in order to verify that you’re actually, well, you when visiting a page. These two services support millions of websites, so there’s huge potential for this feature to positively impact your life.

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The simplified version of how Automatic Verification works is that Apple verifies your device and Apple ID through iCloud to prove that you’re human. Then, it presents a Private Access Token to the website in question, allowing you to access it without seeing a CAPTCHA.

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