Why SEO is the Most Effective Marketing Tool for Start-Ups

Why SEO is the Most Effective Marketing Tool for Start-Ups
Why SEO is the Most Effective Marketing Tool for Start-Ups

Search engine optimization, or SEO, plays a vital role in the success of any business operating in the current digital climate, but it plays a special role for start-up companies whose budget is more limited. Good SEO techniques can reap valuable benefits, such as helping a website reach a global audience, build trust from its customers, provide access to useful data, and even the playing field against more established companies. 

Since many search engines are constantly updating their algorithms, outlining an SEO strategy can be a hard task for any business, leading many to employ inefficient SEO techniques. The outline below features some of the most beneficial elements of SEO promotion to help inform a start-up looking to select an effective SEO strategy for their long-term business goals.

The Importance of a High SEM Ranking 

Since more than half of visitors that arrive at any website will have got there through a search engine, it is not hard to understand why a strong presence on these platforms is necessary. However, what some aren’t aware of are the major effects that come from specific placement on the first page of results.

When a business employs effective SEO techniques, this will help them to move to the highest position on a search engine results page (SERP). That’s the importance of SEO: no matter how small the company, if it is better at SEO, it will be able to rank above household names.

The benefits of this are twofold: firstly, it brings a major influx of click-throughs. Studies show the difference between the 1st and 10th positions is a 30% drop in click-through. Perhaps more importantly for the financial health of a start-up is the effect that the SERP can have on sales. The conversion rate (the rate at which a website’s visitor purchases an item) falls by nearly 90% from the 1st to the 10th position. 

SEO vs. Paid Sponsorship 

Internet advertising has long been the fastest growing form of promotion on the market, with SEO and paid sponsorship being the two most popular methods of online advertising.

Paid sponsorships involve a company paying for their website to be displayed at the top of a search engine when the required keyword is searched for. As a legal requirement, these will ‘sponsored’ or ‘AD’ label alongside the website name. Although most are aware that the majority of internet users view the companies ranking the highest to be the top of their industry, many aren’t aware of the way different strategies can affect a potential customer’s perception of a business. 

Studies have found that these two different forms of marketing can have very different effects on the way a business is perceived. SEO is observed to bring greater benefits for long-term sustainable branding, as it produces organic search results. A study found that 77% of 425 respondents favored organic results, viewing them as most relevant to their query. 

SEO can be resource-draining, as best practices change as quickly as search engine algorithms. For many start-ups, employing an in-house team of SEO experts simply isn’t an option; this is why many find outsourcing to an SEO industry leader like Click Intelligence to be the most efficient way of ensuring the most up-to-date and effective techniques are always used. 

The ability of a start-up to employing a low-cost strategy that can not only make the business globally accessible but can also enable the perception that the business is a trustworthy and valuable alternative to large, established companies is transformative. It is these potential outcomes that should make SEO the go-to tool for all new and fledgling companies out there.