Why Am I Still Spending $3000+ On Google Ads With A $0 return?

Why Am I Still Spending 00+ On Google Ads With A alt=
Why Am I Still Spending 00+ On Google Ads With A alt=
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It’s the 1950’s, and your neighbor is acting weirdly. She has been standing still for over two hours with a tilted head. You then decide to investigate, so you come closer and realize what you feared the most — she became a zombie.

The first thought that pops into your head is that you need to spread the word. You need to inform the world that there is a zombie invasion. You remember your other neighbor’s kid and how he was actively bragging about distributing newspapers to everyone in town in less than 30 minutes. His name is G.

So you head to G…

You: “There is a zombie invasion spreading, tell everyone to hide!”

G: “Sure, for $2.”

You: “Okay, fine! just do it.”

G then delivers the news to everyone in town in 30 minutes. Nonetheless, the next day you find another case of zombiness. You realize that, without G, you would have had much more cases.

You start to throw things at your neighbor. Mainly garlic, water, medicine, green tea, and anything in the hopes that she would return to normal. To your surprise, one thing actually worked — asparagus.

You tested it by throwing asparagus on your second neighbor, and he returned to normal. So you have found the cure.

You head again to G…

You: “G, tell the world that asparagus is the solution!”

G: “Okay, another $2…”

You: “Do it, the return is much more valuable.”

G does it, and thankfully, you have saved the world.

Now imagine the world without G. It would’ve been full of zombies, and you would’ve failed.

Everyone needs a G in their business endeavor. They need someone to deliver the message to the right people immediately.

You: “Are you really comparing google to G? what about Facebook? TikTok? They must have wider or similar reach?”

Facebook, or Meta, has 2.93 billion monthly users (Statista Q2 2022). This is impressive by all means. Tiktok, on the other hand, has almost 1 billion users. Given their age, that’s even more than impressive. However, they are third the size of Meta. Their true edge is how they distribute their content.

Google, on the other hand, has 4.3 billion users worldwide (according to Semrush).

That’s why, if you’d have to rely on someone to deliver the news regarding a zombie apocalypse, go to Google.

Per my title, I am spending a reasonable budget on Google ads to advertise my freelance marketplace. Various people asked me why I decided on going with paying such a budget on google rather than distributing it and adding Meta to the equation. The truth is, this is a learning budget.

Even though we’ve achieved what I needed in terms of sales for the first quarter with referrals, Google ads returned a good $0.

Here’s the reality of many business ventures and entrepreneurs.

1. You could have a constant flow of great business ideas.

  • That app idea you had in mind that helps book publishers decrease fraud was a good one. But did you market for it? Nope.
  • That idea of selling your online course focused on wellbeing was also worth spreading. But did it go out there? Nope.

Why? You could have a million good ideas. For them to sell, you need to market for them. Marketing without Google is missing out on many people in this world. Hence, learning to use Google ads is the sword you need for your battles.

2. Implementation was never the problem.

Imagine if I ensure you that I can market your course using Google ads successfully. If you are confident that your course will provide value, you will pay me whatever I ask. It’s an investment with a tremendously huge future return on investment.

Making the actual course is not the problem. The fear that it might not work out stops projects from existing.

3. Distribution and marketing is the crucial element.

I’ve surfed through a website called Flippa. In case you do not know it, it’s a website where people sell their businesses and websites there. One thing is a valid conclusion if you surf this website for ours — The ideas are mostly not creative.

People have millions of site visitors, with the content being unimpressive. So how do they do that?

Aside from Google ads, there is another word that would take your business from zero to the ultimate hero — Search Engine Optimization.

You become your own G. You simply need to do him a favor and just write things his way on your piece of news before handing it to him.

You could spend tens of thousands advertising a product that could do even better with the right SEO elements.

In my line of business, I’ve worked and dealt with SEO experts, Google Ads experts, Meta-focused advertisers, and so on. There is nothing stronger than a website with good SEO.

Hence, if I have to leave a piece of advice at the end of this article, take this right now rather than later — enhance your SEO.

I’ve advertised and created several ventures over the past ten years.

Here are my four clear and easy-to-follow tips that are my conclusions from many clients who express their business cases to me. Whether you follow them or not is entirely up to you.

1. A straightforward approach if you want to save time and fail quickly — Give up too fast.

I’ve worked with hundreds of clients globally in the past ten years. Some tell me their fantastic business ideas. Others show me their sales.

The only difference between both is that one of them did not stop. Instead, they encountered failure and kept on moving.

They saw a decline in their sales, and instead of giving up, they went back to basics and sold more.

Thereby, put yourself a timeframe, for instance, six months. In that timeframe, you are not allowed to quit. You’ll find that the business works for you in most cases, as you will be cleared of the toxic feeling of preemptive failure.

2. Set up the wrong keywords on Google Ads.

Google will try to help you. They would try to suggest some keywords. However, you are the master of your own business.

It will help if you keep researching and understanding what this world is looking for so that they’d find your website attractive (look into Google Trends, they could help a lot.)

Focus on niching this to land in a pool of search rather than an ocean.

Don’t be scared to hire an expert who could help you, as long as that person is not doing everything for you. You know better.

3. Advertise an ugly website.

Do not rush into it. Your website must be spotless for it to run smoothly and instantly deliver what your customer is looking for.

You: “Somehow I have a thousand visits per day with no conversions.”

Expert: “Are they via desktop or mobile?”

You: “Oh, I haven’t checked… Mobile.”

Expert: “Did you see your website’s responsiveness on mobile?”

You: “I just did right now. It looks terrible, it is not like the desktop version. I have wasted such an enormous amount…”

Expert: “No, you invested this money in learning. Now fix it and implement.”

4. Google Ads is my one and only.

Never give any platform your complete confidence. What happens when a platform decides you are not following their advertising terms, do not like your payment method, or, god forbid, your country enters a war and blocks your account?

Additionally, some businesses find success on Meta much more than on Google. Others on Amazon. It is not a direct equation. However, one has to diversify channels to avoid any future obstacles.

Finally, if I go back in time, I would spend even more learning and experimenting. Remember, you could have 1000 failures, but you only need one major success.

I’m Al, a business consultant in Zurich, Switzerland. I believe in the power of delivering value to you, the reader. Follow me on various social media platforms if you’re interested in the value of my content.

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