Viewings app to launch ‘mini location films’ and live broadcasts


A live property viewings app is to launch a ‘mini film’ service about the surrounding area of each property that agents can use in their property listings.

Leeds-based HomeOnFilm previously attracted interest when it claimed more than 100 potential buyers were joining each of its viewings

Agents including Ryder & Dutton and the lettings operation of Leaders were among the first agents to sign up to HomeOnFilm when it launched a year ago.

There is a £20-40 fee to set up a video, and then a £50 monthly subscription for one office to HomeOnFilm with discounts for multiple offices.

With the location service, potential buyers will be able to watch a video recording showing features of the vicinity, which can display an agent’s branding.


HomeonFilm founder David Varley (main pic) says: “Far more people are working from home so there is no better time to launch a property venue, where visitors can take a look at a video of the property and also view a location film which highlights what’s in and around the properties location.

“We think this is the best possible way for estate agents to market property, and the best way for buyers and renters to view properties online,” he added.

He said the  company were currently in Burnley, Pendle and the Ribble Valley filming the whole area of around 100 villages and towns for Lancashire-based agent Keenans.

Watch live

Live viewing broadcasts will soon be possible, Varley says, with the launch of an updated version of the HomeOnFilm app. After being trialled during the Covid pandemic, the company decided to offer this as a permanent feature.

He says about the live viewing broadcasts: “It’s zero cost to the agents as they can broadcast using the App from their smartphones. We believe this is the next technological step in the property industry for estate agents and will guarantee properties are sold and let much faster and for a better price”.

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Author: David Callaghan