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September 9, 2022

Maximum respect to Konishiki. Let me say that again. Maximum respect to Konishiki. Today my universes of sumo and venture capital collided. I was blessed with the opportunity to meet one of my childhood heroes. Innovator, ground-breaker, ceiling-shatterer, former sumo ōzeki, Konishiki introduced his new master course on Narō. Todd and Mariko at Narō graciously invited us to the private screening (respect to you two as well !). Listening to Konishiki’s live narration gave me goose bumps. I realized that Narō is more than just an investment. It’s an homage to Japanese culture and a bow of respect to humanity.

The weekend’s approaching. I invite you to drop your plans and prepare to go on a journey with Konishiki on If the $30 price tag is a stretch for you, send me a Twitter DM and I will cover your cost myself for first three inquiries, one for each of Konishiki’s top-division championship.

Sumo by Konishiki.

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Author: mark bivens