This map-making tool has turned me into a digital cartographer


Are you planning a pub crawl? Going on a road trip? Visiting a new city? You need a map. And now, you can make your very own. 

Making maps is usually something you either associate with old dudes in dusty paper-laden shops or serious people who wear colorful glasses and work at huge digital desks. 

But now, mapping startup Felt makes it easy to create personalized maps using drawing tools such as markers, pins, notes, and images. 

Hi there, EV nerd!

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The startup launched its platform publicly this week following private beta testing with over 1,000 people. And I decided to give it a try. 

Can I make a map in 10 minutes?

I timed myself making this 10-minute map for a friend visiting Charlottenberg, Berlin. I added a transport layer, a few places worth visiting, and some text. Super easy. It’s not the most refined, but it was quick.

Google Maps is easy, but this is a lot more fun. You can create digital representatives of old-school hand-drawn maps, including highlights and notes. It can even include photos, links, and videos.

map made using Felt