This 6-Part Email Sequence Just About Guarantees A Four-Figure Income Every Time I Use It

This 6-Part Email Sequence Just About Guarantees A Four-Figure Income Every Time I Use It

(And you can have it for free)

This 6-Part Email Sequence Just About Guarantees A Four-Figure Income Every Time I Use It
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Master email and you can sell just about anything.

Unfortunately, most new creators have no clue how or where to start.

Many turn to downloading a random template off the internet. Generally, these are filled with nothing but fluff and are only specific to one niche.

Furthermore, they come off as too robotic and “salesy.”

Over the past five years, I’ve taken 3 courses, read over 10 books, and sent over 600,000 emails to my subscriber list.

The result?

This *proven* email sequence that damn-near guarantees me a month’s worth of income — every time I send it.

  • A complete 6-part email sales sequence
  • The key components you need to include
  • Pictures with text & placeholders
  • (Works in any niche)

Now, it should be noted, that this can be used as a product launch sales sequence, a holiday sale sequence, or a welcome sequence. This will work for anything you’re able to sell via email.

So let’s dive in…

This email sets the stage for everything else.

How do we do that? We introduce a problem that the subscriber and prospect may be dealing with. We do this — because later on, we’ll be framing our offer as the solution.

Here we want to label the: •

  • Problem
  • Why it hasn’t been solved
  • What it means for the subscriber

This gets our new subscriber in “solve mode” which will help queue up our offer:

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We’re not done creating the problem.

Well, we’ve created the problem — but now we have to use storytelling and emotion to make it real. We also want to forecast a future for the prospect as to what life will be like if things don’t change.

Let’s turn up the emotion:

  • What happens if it goes unsolved?
  • Why is it important to solve NOW?
  • Share a story of someone in their shoes. Use a real story of someone else (or yourself) to amplify the consequences:
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Stories sell.

It doesn’t matter if it’s in your email copy, on a landing page, in an article, or in a video. Stories are human. They help us make sense of information and give us meaning.

This is where we start to switch the framing from “problem” to “solution.”

Now, we can reveal:

  • A story of triumph
  • A new life and outcome
  • Tools and strategies used

For beginners, use yourself as the transformation story:

Courtesy | author

No one buys just because you tell them they should.

People buy and take action because they’re emotionally moved to do so. And because they believe in what’s being offered. They believe that if they take action, whatever they’re buying will work for them.

Social proof helps you illustrate to the prospect that this in fact will help him/her solve their problem.


  • Before & After
  • Testimonials
  • Reviews

Any type of collateral that proves this offer works:

Courtesy | author

The big moment is finally here.

Everything has led to this point. If you haven’t been reading the actual content in the email images provided, you may not have noticed that naming the offer and providing links to a landing page have been particularly sparse up until this point.

That’s because we’ve been building up tension. We’ve been building momentum. And we’ve been building suspense. This all leads to a powerful reveal in email five.

In this email, you will include:

  • An overview of the offer
  • A reminder of a guarantee
  • A recap of the transformation
  • And hint at there being urgency Everything should be clearly laid out:
Courtesy | author

Humans take action when they feel there are stakes to be made.

You can raise the stakes as a creator and marketer when you introduce urgency into the equation. Urgency is the ability to make a prospect take action because they’ll either miss out, or exponentially gain.

Simply put — urgency drives conversions. Use:

  • Limited time
  • Screening
  • Scarcity

To drive urgency and drive conversions. The easiest is a limited-time offer:

Courtesy | author

Use this *proven* 6-part email sequence (that turns subscribers into profit):

  • Introduce a problem
  • Amplify it with emotions
  • Share transformation story
  • Prove it works with testimonials
  • Value-stack and present your offer
  • Drive urgency and entice the purchase

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