These 8 Copywriting Frameworks Will Teach You More About Marketing Than a College Degree

These 8 Copywriting Frameworks Will Teach You More About Marketing Than a College Degree

Use them with email, landing pages, and digital content

These 8 Copywriting Frameworks Will Teach You More About Marketing Than a College Degree
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The most important skill you can learn today:


Unfortunately, most people don’t know how to write effective copy because they weren’t taught in school.

Over the past two years, I’ve become obsessed with mastering the art of copywriting. I’ve read over 15 books, taken 3 courses, and spent hundreds of hours studying the internet’s top digital entrepreneurs.

Here are 8 frameworks that will teach you more about copywriting than a four-year college degree:

This is probably the most fundamental copywriting framework on the planet. It can be used in email marketing, landing page copy, or even on digital video advertisements.

→ FAB tells the reader:

  • What it does (feature)
  • How that helps (advantage)
  • Why it matters (benefit)

Here we have the legendary business newsletter, The Hustle, using this framework on their landing page to show visitors why they should sign up:

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We’re starting to get into a little bit more long-form copywriting frameworks with this one. PASTOR uses storytelling to create an emotional connection with the prospect. It helps them understand why this offer is important and why they should purchase it.

→ The PASTOR framework stands for:

  • Problem
  • Amplify
  • Story
  • Testimonial
  • Offer
  • Response

I couldn’t find a better example than what digital creator and entrepreneur, Dan Koe, uses on his landing page. It is a frame-by-frame representation of the PASTOR framework:

Courtesy | Dan Koe

Before-after-bridge is an effective copywriting framework when you need to attract attention and illustrate value within a short amount of time.

→ This framework highlights:

  • Where you are
  • Where you want to be
  • How to get there

Works great with: • Email • Threads • Landing pages

Internet entrepreneur and Twitter creator, Zain Kahn, uses this framework to write viral threads:

Courtesy | Zain Kahn

QUEST is all about empathzing with the reader or prospect. It illustrates that you know all of the problems, obstacles, and headaches they’re dealing with. This opens the door to coversions.


  • Qualifies:
  • Understands:
  • Educates:
  • Stimulates:
  • Transitions:

I found a great example from freelance writer, Tom Hirst, that illustrates the QUEST framework on his landing page:

Courtesy | Tom Hirst

The 4P’s framework is a succinct framework to push your prospect towards action. It doesn’t waste anytime both educating as well as persuading.

→ The 4P’s outlines:

  • The problem the visitor is dealing with
  • The promise that will help them
  • The proof the promise works
  • A push towards action

Not only is Mark Manson a bestselling author, digital creator, and pop-philosopher, he’s also an amazing copywriter and he showcases the 4P’s framework on with his membership offer:

Courtesy | Mark Manson

Problem-agitate-solution is the copywriting framework every up-and-coming marketer should master first. Once you understand this framework, all the others are easier to understand. It systematically drives emotion and then offers a clear and obvious solution.

→ PAS outlines:

  • The problem the visitor has
  • It then agitates this problem with emotion
  • Finally provides a solution to that problem (the offer)

It creates a looping story for the customer. Ship 30 for 30 creators, Nicolas Cole and Dickie Bush us PAS to persuade WHY you should sign up for their cohort:

Courtesy |

Star-solution-story is is you were to take PASTOR and combine it with PAS. It uses storytelling to create the persuasion but is short like PAS.

→ S.S.S. is effective storytelling:

  • Star: (Person had a problem)
  • Story: (until they had a breakthrough)
  • Solution: (That created a transformation)

Ali Abdaal is an amazing YouTuber but his S.S.S copy is showcased here:

Courtesy | Ali Abdaal

Similar to PAS, AIDA is a classic. Again, this copywriting framework is amazing for capturing attention in a fast moving environment (think all digital content on Linkedin, Twitter, Medium, etc.).

→ This framework works well with:

  • Landing pages
  • Thread writing
  • Email

It’s an effective framework and works well here because it’s short, captures attention, and invites action.

I found an example from Twitter creator, Shane Martin, and he uses this framework to create viral content:

Courtesy | Shane Martin

8 copywriting frameworks that will teach you more about marketing than a four-year business degree:

  • Feature-advantage-benefit
  • Before-after-bridge
  • Star-story-solution
  • P.A.S.T.O.R
  • Q.U.E.S.T
  • A.I.D.A
  • P.A.S
  • 4P’s

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