The Average SaaS CEO is 43 at IPO (Updated) | SaaStr


Does “age” even matter anymore for SaaS founders, if it ever did?  On the one hand, the Stripe founders became billionaires in their teens.  On the other hand, many SaaS founders are on to their 3d or 4th success.  SaaS has just been around for a while.  The vast size of the Cloud is attracting more and more founders of all ages, backgrounds, nationalities and more.

The above data suggesting the best exits coming around 60 years ago made me want to take a look back at a classic SaaStr post — how old are founders of top SaaS companies at IPO (when the real job starts in some ways), and at founding?

The answer: of the current batch of newer public SaaS companies, the average CEO is 43 at IPO and 32 at founding. And this data seems to have stayed fairly consistent over the last batch of SaaS IPOs.

Just some food for thought.  You be you.  But it’s certainly not too late, or for some of us, too early to start a great SaaS startup.

Published on October 13, 2022

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Author: Jason Lemkin