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StashAway, a Malaysian wealth management platform, has launched Flexible Portfolios. It is the first product in Malaysia that offers investors the choice to customise their portfolios with ease.

Flexible Portfolios allows investors to pick the asset classes they want, decide their exact allocations, and change them any time. This new offering adds to StashAway’s drive for innovation in the industry to provide an intelligent, convenient, and less expensive alternative to traditional wealth management providers. Flexible Portfolios come highly requested from StashAway clients who want to influence their investments based on their own market views and holdings outside StashAway.

Flexible Portfolios has two features that make these customised investments different from brokerages: firstly, investors are able to easily customise their portfolios by picking their desired asset classes. StashAway curates the best exchangetraded funds (ETFs) for more than 55 asset classes such as emerging markets, S&P500, REITs, gold, energy, government bonds, and more. The underlying funds feature ETFs from some of the world’s top fund managers, including iShares, SPDR, VanEck, Vanguard, ARK, and GlobalX, giving investors access to some of the most popular funds. This means clients do not have to spend time doing research on which ETF is best.

The second feature is risk management. StashAway calculates the portfolio’s potential downside to ensure that investors know how much risk they are taking on as they customise a portfolio. StashAway will even let investors know when their portfolio’s risk level changes due to changing economic conditions. In addition, as part of the launch, StashAway is offering an entire year of free investing for Flexible Portfolios by waiving the management fee on any fresh funds until 30 June 2023.

Wong Wai Ken, country manager, StashAway Malaysia said, “We really value feedback from our investors, and many were keen to create or customise their own portfolios according to their risk appetites. We are excited that our clients are becoming more and more savvy as they invest with us, and are pleased to enable them to have a say while we still deliver on two of our core values: investment intelligence and risk management.”

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