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The cloud-based BSafe Platform SaaS cybersecurity software is preparing for market launch.

The software combines the fraud prevention technologies of FICO Falcon Fraud Manager with the proprietary Sistemas Críticos platform TenS, and is reportedly suitable for any type of company/institution, notwithstanding of size and industry.

FICO Falcon Fraud Manager is a real-time solution that combines predictive analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to achieve comprehensive fraud prevention, security, and compliance management, with a focus on the customer lifecycle.

Sistemas Críticos will offer BSafe Platform SaaS, which streamlines the integration, connectivity, and use of this intelligent solution in a modular context, in addition to being made available on the cloud. This makes it an affordable alternative to the market, using a plug-and-play platform in the era of digital transformation.

Fabricio Ikeda, Global Head of Fraud and Compliance at FICO for Partners and Alliances
Fabricio Ikeda

“We are very excited to be able to make our leading fraud prevention and management solution available to all companies globally through BSafe. Large and small companies in any sector will have access to the analysis of millions of accounts from various countries and financial institutions to protect them against new types of fraud that spread around the world,” said Fabricio Ikeda, Global Head of Fraud and Compliance at FICO for Partners and Alliances. “This democratisation of the solution will help in the medium term to strengthen the economies of the countries and prepare them for the challenges of the coming years.”

“Our goal with BSafe is to offer a competitive solution in the market in terms of price, accessibility, support, and service. The industries to benefit include financial, retail, processing, security, and telco, among others,” added Álvaro Quintero, President of Sistemas Críticos. “With TenS, we seek to streamline integration, connectivity, and the use of an intelligent solution in a simpler way, adapting to the different needs of companies, which results in a dramatic reduction in implementation time.”

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