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Oats Overnight

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If you need a break from the smoothie routine, give overnight oats a whirl. A single serving has 20 grams of protein and the good carbs your brain needs to jump-start the day. If you want to get on this deal, act fast because today is the last day to score 15% off your first three subscription boxes using the offer code OATSUB15 at checkout.

To make a batch, just mix a package of Oats Overnight in with your favorite milk or milk substitute (I like almond milk for these), shake and refrigerate, you guessed it, overnight. I’ve tried these both having refrigerated and not, and the result is pretty tasty either way. Letting it sit will give you a creamier, smoother, shake-like drink. 

I’m partial to the pumpkin spice, but there are dozens of flavors like blueberry cobbler, peach upside-down cake and chocolate-peanut butter-banana. Some of them are even caffeinated to really rev your engine in the morning. All flavors and variety packs are 15% off when you order using our code. 

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Author: David Watsky