Scaling news: Schuhe24-Gruppe cooperates with

Scaling news: Schuhe24-Gruppe cooperates with
Scaling news: Schuhe24-Gruppe cooperates with
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The Wiesbaden-based e-commerce company Schuhe24 will start online sales for fashion, shoes, and leather items with in Austria as from mid-September and switch all dealer stocks live. The brand portfolio includes around 300 brands.

In that regards, the partners highlight:

“We are pleased to have won a new, strong partner with Shoes24, Outfits24 and Taschen24, in order to significantly expand the range of shoes, fashion and bags,” says René Riebenbauer, Head of E-Commerce, Sales Platform and Content Management in Graz, Austria.

“The sales prices are above the German average, the returns are low and our brands are a good fit. For our retailers, we take over the complete foreign taxation, the logistics and the data maintenance, so that there is no effort for the retailer,” says Christoph Wendy, as a marketplace- Head of retailer connection and onboarding at Schuh24, convinced.

The German group has also plans to also connect the sports and jewelry assortments online in a later stage. The high-fashion offer from MyStationary (acquired by Schuhe24 last month) will be offered therefore on starting November.

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Author: Pedro Gonçalo Ferreira