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The pandemic’s digital boom has catalysed innovations across every sector. The insurance community was one of the most heavily impacted as a traditional process that had not changed in years was finally being modernised. Reuters Events has gathered industry experts to share knowledge, and allow the community to come together, in-person, to address their challenges head-on, gain insight from peers and develop their future insurance vision as previously unimaginable.

Insurance AI and Innovative Tech USA 2022, Chicago, April 26-27, 2022 – the window for carriers to redefine their insurance is narrow, and it’s happening now. The industry is being inundated with the latest technology and overwhelmed with never-ending data, leaving carriers struggling to future proof their tech ecosystems and tap into the potential of data.

Insurance AI and Innovative Tech USA 2022 is expected to attract 400+ attendees and feature 35+ senior executive speakers. Confirmed speakers include Bill Martin (President and CEO, Plymouth Rock Home Assurance), Monica Caldas (EVP, Chief Information Officer, GlobalRetail Markets, Liberty Mutual), Alex Frommeyer (CEO, Beam Dental), Matteo Carbone (Founder and Director, IoT Insurance Observatory) and Amy Shore (EVP, Chief Customer Officer, Nationwide).

Reuters will be addressing agenda topics driven by industry challenges and solving the problems falling under our four core themes:

  • Future-Proof Technology: Implement a flexible and agile ecosystem and sift through the thousands of solutions on offer to keep up with the pace of the technology market. Be a digital insurance leader.
  • Untapped Data Potential: Ensure data management is a priority and keep data privacy in consideration. Make sense of the infinite data streams and reap the benefits of data-driven decisions from analytics insights and AI’s predictions.
  • Culture Change Without A Culture Shock: Achieve fundamental change and foster the mindset required to be truly data and tech driven. Nail the culture change and fly to the top of a hyper-competitive digital insurance market.
  • The Speed Of AI With A Human Touch: Accomplish the balance of human and AI – use data and technology to hit customer expectations on the head by understanding individuals and personalising each interaction.

Attendees will gain first-hand insights from thought-leaders at the forefront of insurance transformation as they lead presentations and panel discussions. They will benefit from in-person networking with experts in insurance data & technology, making the connections and developing the community we have missed over the pandemic.

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