Racking for Vertical Farming Saves Spatial Requirements for Harbor Farmz | AgriTechTomorrow



In 2016, when CEO Michael Ward first questioned whether to get into the business of medicinal cannabis, he visited grow ops across North America to learn more about how the industry operates. He was struck by what he found.

“Going from grow to grow, I saw many of the mistakes people make by shortcutting things and not creating the right environment to maximize your space,” said Ward. “I come from a manufacturing background, and the utilization of space is paramount.”

Ward has always believed in the palliative power of cannabis, but he knew he’d have to do things differently.

And like any competitive grow op in North America, his layout wasn’t his only concern—so were reducing labor costs, reducing downtime, hitting production schedules, and turning out high-quality products consistently, not to mention Harbor Farmz’s dedication to cannabis plant tissue culture, which requires quality control and a dedicated, sterile work environment for their in-house microbiologists.

So, Ward and the rest of the Harbor Farmz family brought in the vertical racking experts at Montel to design a full production vertical racking system and build out the grow op of their dreams.


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