Playfair Promotes Jeevan Sunner to Principal & Andrew Sheffield to Associate


TL;DR Consistent with our approach of hiring for the long term, working hard to develop our team, and promoting internally, we’re delighted to announce the promotions of Jeevs and Sheff with immediate effect.

Jeevs joined us as an Associate in September 2020 from PwC and has had a remarkable journey so far. She has lead four investments and taken board seats in Material Evolution, Qureight, TTO and Sourcerie. Those founders all praise her hard work, dedication and approach to supporting them.

From the outside, Jeevs’ success seems effortless, but the truth is that it has required high levels of grit, determination and hard work. The first few deals didn’t go the way she wanted — such is the nature of venture — and the way she reacted to those initial setbacks is something she should be very proud of. It has set the foundations for a long, successful investing career.

Jeevs has played a key role in expanding our Female Founder Office Hours, been proactive in optimising our internal processes, and taken the lead on our newly formed social committee (self appointed 😂). It’s no wonder she was named one of the most powerful female VCs in UK tech by UKTN.


Connect with Jeevs: LinkedIn | Twitter | Jeevan Sunner

Sheff joined us a little over a year ago from the the intriguing world of professional poker and latterly B2B sales in our first full-time analyst role. As the first person to go through our two-year analyst programme, it’s fair to say that he has absolutely smashed it. I mean, he did it in 13 months!

Heavily involved in every aspect of what we do, Sheff has become master of managing our pipeline and been involved in driving companies from first call through to IC. In fact, the two companies we are at term sheet stage with now would not have got over the line without his tireless help on diligence and contributing to the investment memos.

Outside of the pipeline, he is busy organising the next FFOH event, getting stuck into longer term strategic projects across a range of areas and becoming a beacon of Gen Z VC style for an upcoming newspaper article.


Connect with Sheff: LinkedIn | Twitter | Andrew Sheffield

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Author: Chris Smith