Patreon’s long-awaited video hosting feature is finally rolling out to creators


Patreon first confirmed its video product nearly a year ago. Since then, dust-ups with third-party hosting platforms have brought new urgency to the feature.

Screens show horizontal videos on multiple devices, with features like video title, comments, and picture in picture.

Patreon videos can be up to 12 hours in length.
Image: Patreon

Earlier this year, several popular Patreon creators who used Vimeo for hosting were shocked to learn that the price of keeping videos on the platform was going up — in some cases, by thousands of dollars. Vimeo has long been a favorite for creatives thanks to its tools for protecting content and its reputation as an indie alternative to YouTube. Now, creators were being told to pay up or risk losing their work.

Through a longstanding partnership that included a video integration, many Patreon creators had opted to upload their videos to Vimeo. When fees jumped unexpectedly, some creators said Patreon wasn’t giving users adequate warning that it could happen to them.

“Vimeo has been a great partner to us for a long time,” Gutman says. “One of the things, though, that that demonstrates to us and, I think, to the broader marketplace is, when you rely on a third-party company to power some of your core features, it’s just unpredictable. Leadership can change, things can change at that company.”

Creators will still be able to use Vimeo for their work — Patreon’s native tool is just one option for hosting video content.

Gutman says the video player should be thought of as the first version of a product the company will be iterating on. Patreon is working on allowing for mobile uploading, for example, as well as bringing a 4K option for videos.

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Author: Mia Sato