Official Zump proptech app launches


Zump, the ‘off market’ property app for Bristol created by NEXA estate agency founders and brothers, Danny Gray (main pic) and Jamie Gray, officially launches this week.

The Neg reported last July that the Zump app was already available for Android. Now after a successful funding round with Crowdcube the company has a further 300 investors on board and the app is available across the board.

Danny Gray, a former professional rugby player explained, “There’s currently a huge shortfall in available on-market properties meaning many buyers are unable to find what they want, which deters them from continuing their search and ultimately listing their own property for sale.”

Jamie Gray CEO Zump

Jamie Gray, CEO Zump

Brother Jamie, Zump Chief Executive, commenting on the launch said: “Our mission has always been to help more people find and create a home they love. With supply of good properties constantly too low and the process of buying, selling, and improving homes being so poor, this is a giant problem to solve and we always knew version 1.0 of the product was only the start.”

This creates a disjointed, confusing and frustrating experience.”

Jamie Gray says old systems and processes still govern how the industry works, with multiple professionals, services, and processes involved throughout the life cycle of finding, buying, owning, and selling property.

But adds, “This creates a disjointed, confusing and frustrating experience, which we knew couldn’t be solved by improving just one of the sides.”

Previously, Zump automated the ability to send letters of interest to properties they loved with one click but now the app has transitioned to becoming a ‘digital property HQ’.

“It’s a social network designed and optimised for property and which puts the entire property market in your pocket,” he says.


“To be able to manage their home ownership experience from one place and access the absolute best local products and services they need to sell, move or improve, including finding and connecting with the best local agents.

“Putting the entire Bristol property market in your pocket means you’re not just searching from properties already for sale on the portals, but also those that have been claimed and shared by other Zump owners thinking about selling, or any other completely off-market property you see.”

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Author: Robyn Hall