New industry partnership says paper conveyancing’s days ‘are numbered’


The days of the current ‘partly digitised’ conveyancing system are ‘numbered’ a leading legal sector figure has claimed.

This follows news that Coadjute has signed a deal with legal services platform LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions.

Coadjute has built a platform that will eventually connect all the players within the property market including estate agents, conveyancers, solicitors, lenders and valuers, and this latest deal is a major milestone as it progresses its national roll-out.


Billed as a ‘landmark strategic alliance’ by the two conveyancing organisations, it will see LexisNexis digital legal services platform plugged into Coadjute and address  the challenges that have long been posed in real-time communication and secure data sharing across multiple stakeholders.

LexisNexis was founded in the US but has a long history in the UK offering a huge range of services for the legal profession including CRM software.

farthing conveyancingSimon Farthing (pictured) its Commercial and Marketing Director, says: “Together, we will strive to accelerate the digitisation of the property market to ensure a smoother transaction process through interactive online engagement, fewer staged touchpoints and greater efficiency from the conveyancing process.

“The days of a partially digitised property transaction process are numbered, and we are looking forward to collaborating with Coadjute and leveraging our combined deep experience and capability to transform the way in which Conveyancing services are delivered.”

Link to Conveyancing featureDan Salmons (pictured) CEO of Coadjute, says: “The potential of this relationship is huge, and not just for LexisNexis customers, but also for the wider impact it will have on the digitisation of the property market.”

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Author: Nigel Lewis