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Mona is a San Francisco, CA-based developer of the metaverse platform designed to facilitate any creator to build, mint, and sell metaverse worlds. The company’s platform provides 3D environments, artifacts, and portals, enabling creators to make and earn.

Mona was funded $14.6 million led by Protocol Labs, Archetype, and Collab+Currency with the participation of other investors Placeholder, Venture Reality Fund, SV Angel, Fourth Revolution Capital, OpenSea Ventures, Polygon Studios, LongHash Ventures, Everyrealm, Ready Player DAO, POAP Ventures, Gaingels, The Grey Trust, and angel investors.

CEO of Mona Justin Melillo sees it as building an economy for artists and collectors to participate in a shared digital universe meaningfully. The company doesn’t market virtual land or tokens. It doesn’t demand creators for anything upfront and builds tools, systems, and protocols for the open metaverse.

Mona delivers the leading and only platform and network for creators to build, mint, and sell interactive metaverse worlds as NFTs. The world-building platform is complimentary for anyone to develop and access through their browser, and creators can stamp their metaverse on Ethereum/Polygon. Creators are already operating Mona to create and showcase photorealistic pieces of architecture, interesting art, dynamic 3D gardens, immersive POAP scavenger quests, special virtual events and concerts, and mysterious getaway spaces.

The metaverse directs to a connected network of virtual worlds where someone can interact with each other online. In contrast, many companies seek to capitalize on the metaverse by trading land, real estate, and other virtual assets. Mona is dedicated to building an open metaverse that does not demand to buy, enter, or use. The Mona group has been public since day one, and their platform lets collectors invest directly in experiential virtual worlds’ creators. In addition, it will enable creators to design their art willingly and make a living by creating in the metaverse without facing financial constraints.

Melillo said their mission at Mona is to make the metaverse a social network where creators can thrive. A place to build worlds, not walls. The metaverse doesn’t own big tech companies — it can, and will, be a place for everyone.

Juan Benet, CEO of Protocol Labs, stated that Mona is building the tools, systems, and protocols to grow the open metaverse. They scornfully support their clever work as they develop the infrastructure for creators and developers to build and own the open metaverse. In addition, they will spend countless hours inside the high-quality virtual experiences hosted on Mona.

By: K. Tagura

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