MacBook Pro M2 13-inch review: Next generation performance in an ageing design


MacBook Pro (M2, 13-inch) review: Is the M2 chip worth the upgrade? (Image: APPLE • EXPRESS NEWSPAPERS)

MacBook Pro M2, 13-inch: 60-Second Review

At a glance, it might seem like nothing has changed with the new MacBook Pro 13-inch, but under the bonnet, there’s one mighty upgrade that’ll knock your socks off. Apple has added its all-new M2 system-on-a-chip, which helps it breeze through even the toughest tasks without a hint of a stutter. The M2 is around 35 percent faster than the 2020 MacBook Pro running the M1 chip, but it keeps the same price tag – that might make this one of the  in a comprehensive guide.

MacBook Pro M2, 13-inch review: Final Verdict

The refreshed MacBook 13-inch is an absolute beast, thanks to Apple’s new supercharged M2 processor. There’s very little this notebook can’t cope with, so don’t be afraid to launch humongous Photoshop projects, edit hours of footage on Final Cut, or code the next iOS sensation on your lap, desk, or train seat.

Better yet, the efficiency gains of the new M2 ensures your lap never gets too hot and you won’t need to constantly check you’re near a plug.

MacBook Pro (2022) review – at a glance

What We Loved

  • All-New M2 Processor Is A Beast
  • Great Battery Life
  • No Price Increase With M2

What We Didn’t Love

  • Design Feels Incredibly Outdated
  • No Magsafe To Save Your Laptop From Flying Off The Table
  • No Edge-to-Edge Screen Design
  • Touch Bar Remains Controversial

At £1,349, the new MacBook Pro 13-inch is surprisingly good value, especially since you’ll benefit from Apple’s market-leading build quality, years and years of software updates and security patches, and the impressive Force Touch and Magic Keyboard.

It’s hard to fault the Macbook Pro when it comes to performance …but it’s a real shame that owners of this £1,349 machine will be stuck with an ageing design that feels incredibly dated.

The Retina display lacks that stunning bezel-free appearance (which enables the 14-inch MacBook Pro and all-new MacBook Air to squeeze bigger screens in an almost identical size case), you’ll only find two USB-C ports (both on the same side, which makes plugging into power and displays as you hot-desk much more of a nuisance), the webcam has fallen behind every other MacBook, and MagSafe charging (which magnetically detaches when someone trips over the cable and saves your pricey notebook from flying across the room) is nowhere to be seen.

If you love the Touch Bar – it’s great news as this is the only MacBook that gets this technology, but even that seems slightly odd as Apple has ditched this design from its more premium machines. As such, we can’t imagine many new software innovations in macOS or third-party developers coming to this OLED touchscreen.

And yet …if you’re desperate to own a MacBook Pro and don’t want to spend a fortune, this new laptop won’t let you down. It’s fast and has great battery life.

However, before you buy it just make sure the new MacBook Air wouldn’t be a better choice, or you can’t save a few more pennies and grab the brilliant 14-inch MacBook Pro.


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