Launch of Europe’s biggest battery energy storage system is a win for renewables


Europe’s biggest battery energy storage system has officially begun its operation in Cottingham, UK.

The system — which is the largest by megawatts per hour — aims to store electricity generated from renewable sources, such as wind turbines and solar farms, before releasing it at times of high customer demand.

The so-called “Pillswood project” was developed by North Yorkshire renewable power firm Harmony Energy Income Trust and uses Autobidder, Tesla’s algorithmic trading platform.

According to the company, the facility has the capacity to store up to 196MWh of electricity in a single cycle, making it able to power around 300,000 UK homes for two hours.

The facility has been launched four months ahead of schedule in order to support the National Grid’s efforts to provide stable and secure power to UK households over the challenging winter period.

battery energy storage system