Instagram now lets you pin 3 comments on your posts – here’s how

Instagram now lets you pin 3 comments on your posts - here's how

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Instagram today revealed it’s rolling out the ability to pin comments to all users around the world. That means you can pluck up to three comments you most want to highlight out of the comments section and pin them to the top. This will help you save funny, positive, or important comments at the top of the post. Here’s how it looks.

The intention is to highlight positivity in your comments section, at least according to Instagram. Personally, I’d choose the funniest comments for pinning, positive vibes be damned, but I’m not exactly a major influencer. Keep in mind that the comments section is sorted by algorithm, meaning some comments may get lost in the shuffle.

Regardless, here’s how you can pin the comments of your choice.

When you’re on one of your IG posts, find the comment you like, and swipe left on it. You should see four options appear on the side. They are, from left to right: pin, reply, report, and trash. The latter three are pretty self-explanatory. It’s the pin option, which looks like a corkboard pin, that you want.

You can pin up to three comments. After you pin each one, it’ll be at the top of the comments section, meaning they’ll hopefully influence the conversation or provide context to the image. The person whose comment you pinned will receive a notification letting them know you did it.

And that’s it! That’s how you save your favorite comments in each Instagram post. It’s one more step to curating your Instagram comments to your liking. Good luck!

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Author: Rachel Kaser