Immigration Software Docketwise Adds Native E-Signature Functionality

Immigration Software Docketwise Adds Native E-Signature Functionality

Docketwise, a case management platform for immigration lawyers, has now added built-in e-signature functionality.

Docketwise says it is now the only legal immigration software platform that has e-signature technology natively within its platform, as opposed to integrating with a third-party signature technology.

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The company said that the addition of native e-signatures within its platform will allow users to:

  • Gather form submissions and documents without relying on a third-party e-signature
  • Continue to work within Docketwise while obtaining e-signatures.
  • View e-signatures on documents directly within Docketwise.

Founded in 2016, Docketwise was acquired by MyCase in May. Shortly after that, MyCase was acquired by AffiniPay, the parent company of the electronic payments platform LawPay.

“We are eager to announce the launch of Docketwise’s e-signature functionality for our customers,” said Jeremy Peskin, CEO of Docketwise. “Docketwise serves thousands of immigration lawyers, and our team is dedicated to innovating our software to make everyday work easier for our customers.”