How Lifesize helped a global financial company deploy a WFH agent support center in less than two hours

How Lifesize helped a global financial company deploy a WFH agent support center in less than two hours

While COVID-19 continues to impact the nature of work and organizations around the globe, we’ve been doing a lot of listening to understand the most important challenges financial services contact centers face. Together with our customers, we’re finding the fastest and most effective ways to solve those challenges.

One thing that quickly became clear and has held true is that the cloud is the only viable solution for contact centers to transition their agents to safely work from home and meet increased demand while maintaining positive customer experiences and business continuity.

 Transitioning to WFH: A Success Story

Moving to the cloud is not easy, but it can be done quickly. In fact, for one Lifesize customer—a multinational financial services company transitioning to a WFH model—we deployed the necessary infrastructure to support it within two hours.

For this global enterprise customer, there were massive challenges to address. Many agents weren’t technologically savvy. Others had weak home Wi-Fi or needed special equipment. It was critical to address the issues quickly so agents could be up and running, and back to serving financial customers.

For banking and finserv organizations addressing unprecedented needs during this crisis, solutions are about supporting people—both internal and external. The infrastructure we helped create for this customer provided direct support to internal agents so they could serve external customers.

 A Fully Supported WFH Solution Live in Just Two Hours

An internal IT support team was established by the customer to provide expedited support to its WFH agents and help them get back to work almost immediately. Using the CxEngage cloud contact center, our professional services group configured a dedicated cloud tenant for that internal IT team in under two hours.

Since our CxEngage solution is built on a true cloud platform, scaling services up or down is fast and simple. Configuring and customizing the new tenant for this customer’s internal IT support was swift. Our professional services team set up an IVR flow, added agents in bulk and was fully functional the same day. Initially, 20 IT support employees were using the new cloud tenant. The configuration worked so well that the company quickly asked us to add another 30+ employees to service high call volumes. The cloud’s ability to burst to scale meant we could add the support needed right away.

For this global financial firm, the results were as immediate and important as the deployment. It overcame many of the same hurdles we’re seeing other large organizations around the world face amid the COVID-induced “next normal,” such as the need for dedicated technical teams to support WFH agents’ experiences as they rise to meet heightened customer service demand.

– Jen Jackson, VP of Customer Success, Lifesize

To learn more about the CxEngage Rapid Recovery program, click here. For more on migrating to the cloud, download our white paper Migrating to the Cloud – Tales from the Far Side.

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