How It Works: ImageRights for Law Firms, Helping Lawyers Protect Clients’ Copyrights

How It Works: ImageRights for Law Firms, Helping Lawyers Protect Clients’ Copyrights

In the latest installment in our continuing video series How It Works, we get a demonstration of ImageRights for Law Firms, a recently launched technology that enables attorneys to directly track use of their own clients’ copyrighted works and then compile and assess any resulting infringement claims through the ImageRights’ cloud-based platform.

With automated evidence gathering, including time-stamped screenshots with server IP information, ImageRights for Law Firms makes the process quick and simple. Secure, remote access allows attorneys to access the system from wherever they are working, whether in the office, at home or on the road.

To demonstrate how it works, I am joined by the cofounders of ImageRights, Joe G. Naylor, the company’s CEO, and Ted VanCleave, the company’s executive vice president.

After a brief introduction of the company and its product, they demonstrate how it works. The video covers:

  • 00:00 – Introduction.
  • 03:20 – Logging in and reviewing client accounts.
  • 04:08 – Review client accounts.
  • 11:24 – Logging in as attorney.
  • 12:26 – How to review case folders.
  • 13:46 – Final words.

Watch the video below. You can also learn more about ImageRights for Law Firms at the LawNext Legal Technology Directory and in this LawSites blog post about the product’s launch.

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