Dyson’s ‘600-mile’ electric car won’t ever see the light of day — and I’m glad

Dyson's ‘600-mile’ electric car won't ever see the light of day — and I’m glad

Despite his company’s best efforts, British inventor and entrepreneur James Dyson killed his firm’s electric car project last year as it did nothing but hoover up funds, including his own money. But something good still might come out of it.

In an interview with The Times, Dyson finally unveiled his company’s electric vehicle prototype, which was originally supposed to be launched this year had it all gone to plan. He also revealed how he funneled £500 million ($605 million) of his own money into the project. It’s not like that really matters though, because he just topped The Sunday Times’ UK rich list.

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According to Dyson, the car would have touted a 600-mile range battery. That’s enough to make Teslas look a bit weak. Most internal combustion engine vehicles would struggle to hit this range too.

That 600-mile expectation came from Dyson‘s battery engineers. Given the vacuum cleaner’s pivot to cordless devices in recent years, the company holds a strong understanding of how to make high-power, quick-charging Lithium-ion batteries like those found in modern EVs. Dyson‘s engineers are also no stranger to developing motor technologies.

The car would have been a bit of a beast too. According to the report, the prototype is more than five meters long, two meters wide, and 1.7 meters tall. In other words, it would have been a hair longer and wider than a Range Rover, but not quite as tall. Despite being electric, it won’t have been that friendly to cities.

Dyson's ‘600-mile’ electric car won't ever see the light of day — and I’m glad
Credit: The Times