Disneyland Expands Avengers Campus With ‘King Thanos’ Multiverse Ride

Disneyland Expands Avengers Campus With 'King Thanos' Multiverse Ride

Disneyland is expanding its Avengers Campus area, adding another ride into the superhero mix. 

“We’re bringing the multiverse to Avengers Campus,” Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige said Sunday during the Parks and Experiences panel at Disney’s D23 Expo in Anaheim, California. 

In the new attraction, you’ll be able to battle alongside all the foes from everywhere and “everywhen,” Feige said. There will be a new villain named King Thanos, and “this is a Thanos that won, and the Avengers are not too happy about that and you have to help them.”

A Giant Hulk in an Avengers suit will also be walking around starting next week, with Mark Ruffalo appearing via video link to make the announcement.

Disneyland’s Avengers Campus was first announced at D23 three years ago. Though it was originally supposed to open in summer 2020, the pandemic pushed back its opening to summer 2021.

It’s likely the new expansion and attraction will include a takeover of the building facade currently used for the live-action show, and the parking lot that sits behind it.

Avengers Campus opened at Disney’s California Adventure in Anaheim with one new attraction, Spider-Man Web Slingers, which joined the Guardians of the Galaxy ride (previously rethemed from its Tower of Terror origins back in 2017). It also has a Dr. Strange area and the Ant-Man-themed eatery and brewery Pym Test Kitchen.

Also announced during the Disney Parks and Experiences Panel at D23 were details on the Princess and the Frog retheme of Splash Mountain, the opening date for Tron Lightcycle Run at Disney World, the name of the next Disney cruise ship, San Fransokyo at California Adventure and a potential villains, Coco and Encanto area at Magic Kingdom.

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