Collaboration to supercharge email conversion rates


BriefYourMarket has announced an upgrade to their partnership with Dataloft’s hyper-local property market insights platform, Dataloft Inform, which will make agents’ lives easier and produce even better results.

Users will now be able to drag-and-drop localized analysis, trends and statistics – an extremely successful conversion tool for consumers – from within their email editor.

The time saving of the new process is significant and should allow agents to communicate with their audience using more relevant content, more regularly.

The integration also automatically adjusts any images an agent wishes to use to fit with their specific corporate branding for that extra professional touch.

BriefYourMarket’s Chief Commercial Officer, Richard Combellack, said: “I am very excited about the integration of our two industry-leading products. Dataloft Inform provides a new level of insight and useful data about every agent’s ‘patch’. The up-to-date analysis they’re able to supply is exactly what helps to engage a homeowner.

“Combining that with our ability to distribute directly to an agent’s database or prospect constituency, via our other integrations with the leading CRM providers, is a recipe for success.”

The combo are offering a six week free trial access with a guaranteed minimum of four valuation enquiries.

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Author: Jenny van Breda