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Matt Carbonara, managing director at Citi Ventures, will join the roster of speakers at Bank Automation Summit Fall 2022 to discuss what is next in banking technology.

Matt Carbonara, managing director, Citi Ventures

The panel, “RPA & Beyond: Investors on what’s next in banking technology,” will focus on the current state of investments and where they will go in 2023, valuation trends in today’s environment, and the differing views on investment between banks and venture capitalists.

Bank Automation Summit Fall 2022 will take place at the Hyatt Olive 8 in Seattle on Sept. 19-20. The Summit brings together industry experts to discuss a wide range of topics, from using automation to detect and stop fraudulent transactions in banking to the best strategies for developing the cloud.

View the event agenda here.

In his role at Citi Ventures, Carbonara looks for investment opportunities which provide customer engagement and product feedback for potential startup companies. He previously held investment-related roles at Cisco Investments, Comcast Ventures and TeleSoft Partners, according to the Citi Ventures website.

Citi Ventures most recently participated in funding rounds for telehealth service provider Moving Analytics, wealth management and investment platform Warren Brasil, and credit building app Altro, according to Crunchbase.

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Author: Whitney McDonald