BLOG: Why property logbooks are the future of finding vendors


To use a football analogy, every player on the pitch has value and without them all, you can end up compromised with a weakness that your competition will take advantage of.

The same can be said of an estate agents marketing strategy. It has been accepted for a long time that one of the most expensive things to get in the diary is a valuation appointment.

But why is that? Maybe it is because marketing strategies rarely field a full team.

When you take a step back and analyse the marketing strategies being employed, so much is down to brand awareness – such as for sale/SSTC boards, social media, sport team sponsorships and portals.

But everything else is about asking for business from the people who may be thinking of selling. But how do you cut through to the 1% of people in your area who are truly thinking of selling their home?

One thing everyone is interested in is the value of their house, a subject they are very interested.

Let me give you an analogy. Many years ago, the AA created an app that enabled car owners to be reminded about service intervals, the status of an MOT and many other motoring-related stuff.

As a result, the AA is the brand I think of the most when it comes to roadside assistance, not because they may be the best, but because they have had the longest relationship with me.

A digital property logbook can achieve the same thing; because at its core is some great functionality that enables a logbook owner to get their property asset well organised.

Admittedly, not everyone is keen on ‘organising their asset’.

But they are interested in the property market, what effect the market has on their home’s value, when the buildings and content insurance is up for renewal when the fixed-rate mortgage is due to expire and perhaps the size of the window in bedroom two when they are our shopping for curtains.

For a homeowner, who wouldn’t want to own a piece of technology like that that can them monthly updates about their property’s value and the latest market trends, the most active streets in their postcode area, the most expensive streets in their postcode and most expensive sales in their postcode area?

It’s something our platform does and we see a 40% open rate with these mailings which drives a constant engagement with the technology.

And what better place for an estate agent to market their services?

There are several Digital Property Logbooks providers out there. They all have at the heart of them a core functionality to help improve collaboration and speed up transactions, but all have different functionalities for you and your clients to enjoy.

Daniel Hamilton-Charlton is MD of PSD Logbooks.

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Author: Nigel Lewis