Bengaluru startups add ammo with six products to scale up pandemic battle – ETtech

Bengaluru startups add ammo with six products to scale up pandemic battle - ETtech

Bengaluru startups add ammo with six products to scale up pandemic battle - ETtech
An AI-based device that can detect coronavirus through an x-ray, a sterilisation device for the transport industry and a herbal face wash that can kill any virus are among six products that startups incubated at Bangalore Bio-innovation Centre have developed to fight the Covid-19 pandemic.

“These products will ease our burden of importing expensive equipment and tools to fight the pandemic,” Karnataka deputy chief minister CN Ashwath Narayan said on Tuesday while launching the products.

He said the products, in line with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Aatmanirbhar’ campaign, are a matter of pride for the state as they were all developed by local scientists, innovators and research professionals with the government’s support.

All the six products have been approved by the Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR) for immediate use and will also be commercially available.

The government will support and promote these products, Narayan said. “These products are of superior quality and will contribute in tackling Covid-19 across the country,” he said.

Shieldex 24, a UV-ROS (ultraviolet-reactive oxygen species) box for Covid-19 sterilisation developed by Ravi Kumar from bioinformatics startup Biofi, can eliminate viruses located on an object, and is suited for the transportation industry.

Govindarajan and Meher Prakash from imaging and diagnostics solutions startup VNIR have developed florescence probes and PCR mix for RT-PCR tests. The probes are part of the Covid-19 test kits and are currently being imported. Arun Agrawal of Janitri, a startup focused on developing sustainable technology to improve maternal and child healthcare, has come up with remote foetal monitoring device Daksh, targeting Covid-19-positive pregnant women.

Manjunatha and Dinesh from Deno Bio labs at IBAB have developed DeConto, a viral transport medium (VTM) that helps in transporting live virus samples from collection centres to testing labs.

Cov-Astra, an artificial intelligence-based device developed by Adarsh Natarajan from AI-healthcare startup Aindra, can detect coronavirus through an x-ray. This eliminates the need for conventional throat swab testing, and the cost per detection is significantly lesser at ₹150-250 per person. Latha Damle and team from Atrimed, a firm engaged in research and development activities in herbal medicine, have come up with an antimicrobial face wash that can kill any virus on a person’s face.

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