Apple Cloth is back in stock — so it’s time to talk Apple Cloth 2


Friends! Acquaintances! Nemeses! Terrific news — the glorious Apple Cloth is back in stock. Woah, no need to close the article that fast.

Firstly, bless the kind and caring souls over at 9to5Mac for bringing this to light. All blessed up? Grand. Now, if you’d like to read about why we’re all so achingly excited about the Apple Polishing Cloth, you can do so here.

At TNW we’re not about rehashing the past (unless we are). No, we’re all about the future. And can you guess the future of the Apple Polishing Cloth? Damn right: the Apple Polishing Cloth 2.

I’m here to tell you what the hell that’d actually look like. To begin…

There’ll be two types of Apple Cloth!

You heard that right, we’ve only just begun and have already whipped the rug out from under you. The next generation of the Apple Cloth won’t be one single bit of rectangular fabric, there’ll be two versions: the Apple Cloth 2 and the Apple Cloth Pro.

Let’s start with the former.

The Apple Polishing Cloth 2: More of the same, but MORE

Let’s turn to our old friend, the bullet point, to sum up Tim Cook’s main talking points when he unveils the Apple Cloth 2 in front of a heaving auditorium:

  • 5% bigger
  • 10% more absorbent
  • 25% thinner

The crowd will go wild. And then Tim will smile and tell us that’s not all.

“The Apple Cloth 2 will come in an array of different colors,” he’ll say.

Apple Cloth 2 colors