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  • Business monitoring innovator Anodot and network telemetry and analytics solutions provider BENOCS teamed up to help Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier implement a new network monitoring solution.
  • The new solution will help companies monitor a wide range of business operations.
  • Anodot made its Finovate debut at FinovateEurope 2022 in March.

Virginia-based business monitoring company and Finovate newcomer Anodot has helped Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier implement a new and improved network monitoring solution. Deployed in partnership with Anodot and network telemetry and analytics solutions provider BENOCS, the new service monitors network data and recognizes changes in traffic behavior and flow. This helps ensure that only relevant anomaly alerts are issued and received, reducing cost and effort.

“Telco service providers must process an immense amount of data from multiple sources to ensure optimal service across their complex network environments,” Anodot CEO David Drai said. “By monitoring granular performance and fault data in real-time and providing automated insights, Anodot enables communications services providers to identify and resolve issues quicker. Alert noise will now be a thing of the past for Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier.”

Anodot offers a business monitoring platform that leverages machine learning to analyze and correlate key business parameters and provide real-time alerts and forecasts. The company reports that members of the Fortune 500 have used Anodot’s technology to reduce time-to-detection for revenue-critical issues by up to 80%. The platform monitors a wide range of business operations, including front end applications, UX, backend servers, APIs to vendors and providers, payment flows, balances, ledgers, investments, trades, and more.

“Having been a satisfied BENOCS customer for a number of years now, we decided it was time to take the next monitoring step,” Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier VP of Internet & Content Services Carsten Bruns said. “The integration of Anodot’s anomaly detection technology with BENOCS’ comprehensive Flow Analytics has already saved us valuable time in identifying irregularities and rectifying network issues.”

Founded in 2014, Anodot made its Finovate debut at FinovateEurope earlier this year, demonstrating its payments monitoring tool. In the months since then, the company has forged partnerships with telecommunications service provider Altice Portugal, connectivity company Vodafone New Zealand and, most recently, technology intelligence leader Snow Software. Anodot has raised more than $64 million in funding from investors including Alicorn, Redline Capital, and Intel Capital.

Photo by Brett Sayles

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Author: David Penn