AANZ 2020 Summit – Angel Association New Zealand


We are holding it near Auckland at the beautiful Hunting Lodge Winery in Waimauku on Thursday 5 and Friday 6 November.
It will be anchored in the theme Being the Best Kiwi Angel Investor You Can Be 

We are all kinds of excited about the speakers and sessions we are lining up. Cute story… Bridge and John O’Hara were flying back from Dunedin, sitting together chatting about the summit programme and a head popped up from the seat in front. Animation Research’s Ian Taylor apologised for eaves dropping but wondered if he could help!! He was just fantastic at the Waiheke Summit in 2017 so we’ve asked him back and he’s going to talk to us about why “this is the time to be thinking differently”.

Of course we caveat our excitement with the acknowledgment that holding the summit in person is dependent on keeping that gnarly virus in check. Should things go pear shaped and we have to pull the pin, then we will go virtual. At that point, if you’re still up for attending the virtual event and have paid for your in-person summit ticket we will refund 80% of your ticket. We will provide a full refund if you do not wish the virtual event.

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Author: Karen Farr