750-HP GranTurismo Folgore Is Maserati’s First EV


Alongside the new combustion-powered Modena and Trofeo variants, Maserati debuted the all-new GranTurismo Folgore on Monday, the first fully electric model in the brand’s history. The EV GT is, in many ways, the GranTurismo’s flagship spec and the best blend of performance and luxury, boasting the quickest acceleration and the quietest cabin.

Visually, the Folgore is nigh-identical to the Modena and Trofeo models. There are Folgore badges on the front fenders that also feature unique LED illuminated triple vents. Look closer to spy reshaped front grilles and an exhaust-free rear diffuser that help to reduce drag. The Folgore’s unique Aero wheels also cut through the air better than the combustion models’ designs. (The wheels are still staggered with 295/30ZR21 rear tires, and the 265/35ZR20 front tires have a slightly taller sidewall.) With the active grille shutters and the turbulence-reducing air suspension lowered at speed, the Folgore is even more slippery than the Modena with a drag coefficient of 0.26 compared with 0.28.

The Folgore also removes the circular fuel filler door from the driver-side rear fender — because there’s no gas tank — replacing it with a larger door just below the taillight on the rear bumper that hides the CCS charging port.

Folgore, full-electric

The heart of the Folgore’s 800-volt electrical architecture is the 92.5-kWh battery (83.0 kWh usable), most of which is tucked into a center tunnel rather than flat under the floor and seats. This “T-bone” configuration keeps the passenger’s hip point low and the overall silhouette of the coupe sleek. At 53.2 inches tall, the Folgore is the same height as the GranTurismo Modena. 

The Folgore makes use of three 300-kW motors — one shared by the front wheels and two on the rear axle that allow for torque vectoring. Early previews touted “way over 1,200 horsepower,” which Maserati reps confirm the motors are theoretically capable of achieving. However, the battery pack’s discharge capacity of around 560 kW limits continuous output to around 750 hp and 996 pound-feet of torque, which is still an awesome amount of power. Awesome enough to sprint from 0 to 62 mph in 2.7 seconds, 124 mph in 8.8 seconds and reach a top speed of 199 mph. That’s quicker than the GranTurismo Trofeo with an identical top speed.

The Italian automaker hasn’t released a range estimate for its electric grand tourer. I’m told that it’ll boast well over 200 miles per charge, but Maserati also told me that its focus for the Folgore is on “zero compromise performance,” not class-leading range. So expect numbers closer to that of Porsche’s Taycan, not a Tesla-trumping EPA estimate.

The electrical system can receive up to 270 kW at a DC fast charging station, rapidly adding around 60 miles of range in just the first 5 minutes. The battery can also charge at 22 kW at a Level 2 AC station. Expect more detailed charging estimates closer to launch.

To make the most of the range, multiple levels of regenerative braking are selectable via the Folgore’s standard paddle shifters or via touchscreen control. Like the gas-powered variants, the EV’s steering wheel features a start/stop button and a drive mode selector built into its hub. Drivers can choose from the default GT mode which limits power to 80%, Max Range Mode which limits acceleration and the top speed to 81 mph, Sport or Corsa. Here, Corsa mode features Max Boost and Endurance sub-settings — the former is a sort of qualifying mode that leaves nothing on the table, while the latter manages thermal performance for extended track sessions.

From the rear, you can see the Folgore’s lack of exhaust tips and the larger charger door just beneath the taillamp.


Maserati Intelligent Assistant

The same Maserati Intelligent Assistant infotainment suite can be found gracing the dashboard of all three GranTurismo specs. All feature a trio of displays — including a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster, a matching 12.3-inch main infotainment display and a smaller 8-inch secondary touchscreen — and are powered by Maserati Connect for integration with Amazon Alexa, Tidal music streaming and more.

The Folgore’s system features a few bespoke features that make living electric a bit easier. The navigation software integrates with the battery management systems, triggering thermal battery preconditioning when en route to a DC charging point to enable faster, more consistent recharging. Routes to destinations are calculated based on battery condition and expected consumption, while the map displays a dynamic range overlay of the maximum cruising distance in real time. The cabin climate systems can also operate while the Folgore is parked and unoccupied, enabling preconditioning when plugged in that saves power on the road.

The GranTurismo Folgore will launch alongside the Modena and Trofeo sometime in early 2023. We expect to learn more about the range and price as that launch window approaches. The Folgore is the first of what will be a wave of electric models expected from the brand with the next being the Grecale Folgore SUV. By 2025, Maserati expects to offer a battery-electric variant for every model in its lineup before transitioning to a fully electric lineup in 2030.

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Author: Antuan Goodwin