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So in the run-up to 2022 SaaStr Annual on September 13-15th, we’re profiling some of our top speakers who’ve earned more than one slot at Annual over the year.  One of the crowd favorites has been Mark Roberge, all the way back to 2017.

Mark will be back this year with a fresh look at how to scale faster and better in 2022 and beyond.  Come join us!!

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Ok, now a look back!

2017:  How the Best Outbound Sales Teams Are Managed.   Mark first joined us in a terrific panel session on how the top outbound teams are managed,

2018:  Sales Mistakes that Can Kill Your SaaS Business How to Avoid Them.  Mark’s first big session at SaaStr Annual, a first deep dive on top sales mistakes.  A classic with over 30,000 views now on YouTube,

Mark then followed it up with a great AMA here:

2019:  A Step by Step Guide to Revenue Growth.  A top rated session.

2021:The Most Common SaaS Sales Potholes and How to Avoid Them.  Mark came back to 2021 Annual with a Masterclass on SaaS sales potholes.

2022:  We’ll be back with the CEO Circle session with the founders of Front, Segment and Algolia at 2022 Annual!!  Thank you Mathilde, our first 6-time speaker!!


Published on July 4, 2022

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Author: Jason Lemkin