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The Moment I Decided to Quit My Job and Do My Own Thing Forever

It can help you rethink your career.The trend right now is to quiet quit or old-fashion quit a job.Millions of people are rethinking their...

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Half of You Are Planning to Raise Prices in 2023 | SaaStr

It’s not just you.  SaaS is getting more expensive, for a variety of reasons.HubSpot for example, which has been very judicious on holding the...

Dear SaaStr: What Do You Look First In Your First VP of Product? | SaaStr

Dear SaaStr: What do you look for when hiring a VP of Product for a B2B SaaS? In particular, the dilemma I’m facing is...

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Square Taps Visa for Instant Transfers in Canada – Finovate

Visa is expanding its integration with Square’s instant transfer feature into Canada.Square’s Canadian merchant clients can access their funds in real time, instead of...
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DRIVE IX Ecosystem Creates Pioneering Features | NVIDIA Blog

As personal transportation becomes electrified and automated, time in the vehicle has begun to resemble that of a living space rather than...

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NASA hit an asteroid in case Earth really needs to knock one away later

A NASA spacecraft hurled itself into an asteroid Monday night, and the team of scientists responsible for it couldn’t have been happier.“It was amazing!”...

Netflix to open video game studio in Helsinki, Finland

Listen4 minComment on this storyCommentGift ArticleNetflix is starting a gaming studio in Helsinki as the next step in establishing its presence in the video...

Chroma Subsampling: What Is It and Why Does It Matter?

Go to Publisher: MUO - Feed Author: Christian Zibreg

You probably don’t need to worry about public WiFi anymore

Listen4 minComment on this storyCommentGift ArticleFrom uncovered webcams to reused passwords, it’s tough to keep track of how much risk our everyday digital activities...

8 Facebook Privacy Settings You Should Change Now

Go to Publisher: MUO - Feed Author: John Awa-abuon

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